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Welcome to Oobleck’s Blog! 😹

Hello, my name is Kevin Kim and I’m here to share some thoughts on the things I find interesting. I am from Queens, New York and have lived there my entire life. To give some context on who I am, I am an only child and like to spend my time walking through nostalgic streets and parks. It gets the time to pass rather quickly; freezes you in time, almost. Growing up in a majority Asian diaspora community has helped me stay in touch with my own culture. Manhattan is so goddamn loud and dirty, it’s nice to find some peace elsewhere, especially in my neighborhood. As a Korean- American, I can speak English and Korean. I also suppose I can speak Japanese at an intermediate level; drop me off in middle of nowhere Japan and I’ll survive just fine. Uber competitive, avid video game enthusiast, and K-pop music enjoyer. Toss me a bin full of CCBS and Technic LEGO and I’ll build the next revolutionary robot. Scream at me, I scream back louder. If I were to give you a statistical breakdown on my favorite video games, I have played nothing as much as ROBLOX and Pokémon. Don’t listen to my vocal proclamations; how I act and live my life would give you a more accurate understanding who I actually am. Anyways, I’ll try to conduct myself in the best way possible on this online platform 👺. Wish I was a little kid. Love and live. Or evil.

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